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Compliance Services

Helping You Manage Stewardship Compliance – Effectively and Efficiently

There are numerous stewardship programs in effect across Canada – which ones do you need to comply with? As your environmental compliance partner, we can do the following:



Process design and implementation

Setting up new compliance programs, addressing the requirements of applicable jurisdictions and regulations, including initial impact assessment, data/systems analysis, reporting setup and operationalization.

Process improvement

Review, strengthening and streamlining of current process and underlying data.

Compliance assessment

Determining your compliance obligations under the full spectrum of Canadian stewardship regulations.

Staff Training

Ensuring that your key staff and other stakeholders understand and are able to effectively manage all applicable stewardship regulations and reporting requirements.

Audit Support

We can assist with external audits conducted by various stewardship agencies and audit firms, ranging from advice and support for your staff, to managing the entire audit process, depending on what best fits your organization’s needs.

Registrant Audits

We also offer compliance audits to be conducted on behalf of provincial and national stewardship associations and regulators, in order to ensure compliance by registrants/members with the requirements of their membership agreement, as well as applicable regulations and by-laws.

How can we help?

All businesses strive to be environmentally responsible and deliver on their stewardship responsibilities. Environmental regulations can however be complex and resource intensive.

We help businesses of all sizes understand, manage and comply with the various stewardship programs across Canada, that are applicable to them. We integrate requirements of all applicable jurisdictions in one well-structured solution, that aligns with your current systems, processes and teams. Our goal is to take the pain out of your compliance process, making it fully managed and efficient. With our experienced team of professionals, we deliver solutions that are easy to implement, and deliver long-term operational compliance. We are detail oriented yet cost effective. We use automated data modeling and reporting techniques to make complex and cumbersome tasks extremely transparent and well-managed.

Let us assist you with your compliance programs and activities, whether it be a past compliance issue, new system, process or program changes, ongoing management and reporting or periodic audits.

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